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This web site has been created to share the results of my nearly 30 years of working in international educational exchange.

Whether you're an exchange student (or hope to be one), a parent, a host family, an educator, an exchange program provider, a professional colleague or a friend, I hope you find informtion and ideas that will be useful to you.

About me:

Like many people in international education, my interest in other countries and cultures goes back to my childhood, especially to the summer I spent as an exchange student in Strasbourg, France where I lived day-to-day with a French family, speaking French exclusively. I came to realize how different each place in the world can be, and how fascinating! Quite naturally, I studied geography, earning a PhD from Syracuse University in 1985. Also, quite naturally, I found myself working for 29 years for AFS Intercultural Programs. There I developed a global education framework with the goal not only of supporting individual exchange students, but of actually bringing the richness of intercultural learning to the home and host community.


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