Betsy presenting in France


For researchers, geographers and interculturalists

Bring a sense of place to your work.

There are cultural patterns and specific contexts for every human action, value, or belief. Part of that context is national, but that context is also about on which side of Central Park (ou sur quelle Rive de la Seine) you live, about whether you are male or female, about the way your academic field or work environment tends to look at various issues, and definitely about your socio-economic class as well. Whatever your context, you live in it and are part of it.

As a geographer, I see that context as a place in time and space, and that is my focus. As a researcher, I look at various aspects of that context, but most often the research is about what happens when one moves from one such context to another -- for example, as an exchange student. As part of that research, I have worked extensively with a tool that originated in the field of intercultural communication: The Intercultural Development Inventory, or IDI.

I'm looking for opportunities to collaborate in new research and am also available to guide graduate students and faculty doing research in international education.

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Speaking in France

Links to some of my work:
Handout and Paper from presentation at IAIR Confererence, Honolulu, August 2009

NAFSA Conference: Los Angeles 2009
Panel Handout:
Cyber-Learning Courses to Enhance Study Abroad

AFS Long-Term Impact Study Poster Session

Other work

AFS Long-Term Impact Study Reports, 2008


Interspectives, 2005-06, Hammer & Hansel, "International Study Abroad: Impact of Changing Host Families"

An Investigation of the Re-entry Adjustment of Indians who Studied in the United States (1993)