Betsy and Isabelle


For exchange students and their families

The world can be your home

Going abroad for a cultural exchange or study abroad program really can open another dimension in your thinking, your values, and your understanding of who you are when you see yourself and your home country through the eyes of your hosts. I always recommend that students take the opportunity to live with a host family to guide you in this new place. If you do, you could find yourself like me, feeling at home with dear friends in another country, deepening your relationship of more than 35 years, speaking their language fluently with them and making this host family and this well-loved place your second home.

But beyond that, once your curiosity about other places and cultures has been sparked, you discover many other possibilities in your life – new and surprising paths and new relationships across cultures -- even if you don’t leave your hometown.

Living abroad for the first time, even if only for a few weeks, can be challenging and it’s helpful to have support: not only before you leave and while you’re gone, but also after you return. You may only need a sounding board to think out loud with someone else who is interested in hearing about your experience. Or you may need some specific advice to navigate a totally baffling situation or help considering what you might do next in your studies and career after this life-changing experience.

Private consultations are available for students, parents and host families.
Contact me for more information.

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Betsy and Isabelle in
Strasbourg, France